Who we are:

The Social Insiders are creators and storytellers that make up a network of elite hand-selected influencers, who love to share their authentic experiences with products. They have loyal followers who are tuned in and ready to be inspired, educated and entertained. The Social Insiders are not only passionate about blogging and social media but also excited to network within a community of their peers.

What Social Insiders does for you:

The Social Insiders Program is a full-service influencer marketing and design agency ready to bring meaningful brand stories to life. Social Insiders partners with brands who want influencers to share their honest opinion of the brand’s product or service. We have a team of award-winning graphic and industrial designers who develop and build out custom branded campaign kits. From concept to design, packaging to shipping, analytics and more, Social Insiders is an all-inclusive Influencer Marketing experience! Each campaign kit is delivered to hand-selected participants based on targeted demographics, campaign goals, and other special criteria. Those influencers share their genuine experience with the product with their followers through meaningful content. In short, we not only find the best brands for our bloggers, we then hand select the best bloggers for our brand. We also manage the campaign for you so that all you need to focus on is sharing your unique experience.

Our Mission:

At Social Insiders, we are committed to honest authentic reviews with a focus on quality, storytelling, and a creative approach. With a deep understanding of influencer marketing, and a dedicated team, we seek to connect brands with meaningful reviews from top influencers relevant to their product or service.